About Us

What is DOMO Caribe Marketplace?

The real estate marketplace for the Dominican Republic

Why DOMO Caribe Marketplace?

DOMO Caribe is a real estate marketplace for the Dominican Republic, with an online marketplace of nationwide listings. Consumers can search for homes for sale, view summaries of real estate statistics for a given area, among other tools.  

Why you should use domocaribe.com?

Each listing enables users to view similar properties side-by-side to compare details including prices, square footage and construction date. DOMO Caribe search results also lets prospective buyers consider factors outside of home features and pricing, including the distance from lifestyle points of interest like groceries, gas stations and bars.

We give you the tools so that as a buyer, renter or seller your choice of your next big next decision will be done knowing all the facts and financial information right at your finger tips. As a result, taking the best available option will become an easy task for you.

By using our added services we can help landlords and sellers create a very unique and precise sales funnel that will take you from lead to closing in record time.  By using our in-house services and experienced external partners we can offer them Property Management, Financial reporting, business development and many other niche services to help their businesses steadily grow. Because we have your interest in mind we will always keep adding more services for you to work less.

For renters and buyers, we can make their decision process easier by giving them the financial tools, legal counsel, and exposure to the complete available offerings in the local market and in so doing, we give this audience peace of mind.

This is how DOMO Caribe can help both sides of any real estate transaction achieve a win/win negotiation. We are the real estate marketplace for the Dominican Republic.

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