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We are the easiest, most robust real estate marketplace for the Dominican Republic. Our marketplace is built for sellers, renters and buyers, which do you want to be today?


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Never miss a sale! It's never been easier to turn leads into real customers. The tools in our marketplace will help you every step of the way. As a result, you will find that closing your rate will be higher and more reliable with our platform.


The front and backend are multilingual.

Everyone can use DOMO Caribe in their native language so everyone will understand every word on this site and it happens automatically based on your default browser language. For this reason, your message will always get across.


give your complete listings a much larger exposure.

Allow us to tell the world of every listing in your portfolio, selling is what you do, telling the world is what we do.


Benefits for anyone searching for their next property.

In addition to becoming a member of our site as you search for your next property, you will see in your dashboard offers from great businesses of products and services you may need. Exclusively for you!!

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